What We Do Best

ICC Events acts as a Destination Management Company for companies in the United States and Europe. We coordinate, design and execute travel programs from beginning to end, giving your clients and guests ease of mind. Our background is European and we incorporate German time management / efficiency with Swiss standards in quality and attention to the guests. ICC Events Inc. has over 20 years experience and is located in Miami, Florida. We focus on cost efficient rates for group and corporate events. Nothing is too small or too big for us to handle. We can work with any budget. We contract directly with our vendors nationwide.

Contact us for custom services: (305) 442-8107

Management & Coordination



ICC Events designs creative meetings to help build a company’s reputation and educate key audiences. The Firm manages meetings in every size and kind of venue, from an executive board meeting of 15 to an international conference of over 2,000.

Incentives, Conventions & Cruises


  • Develop high-end travel experiences.
  • Design team building events to motivate employees and increase their sales performance through incentive travel.
  • Incentive group trip operations involving anywhere
    from 15-2000+ participants.

Conventions & Meetings

  • Conventions in Miami: we assist you with accommodations, events and transportation.
  • Create meetings to help build a company’s reputation.
  • Educate key audiences.
  • Pre and Post Travel Programs
  • Hotel Bookings
  • Transporation Services
  • Off-shore Tours
  • Unique Dining Experiences
  • Custom Tours and Events
  • Corporate Events
  • 24/7 Emergency Contact
  • Organized and Planned Itineraries for each guest
  • Dedicated and Experience Professional Tour Guides
Cruise | ICC Events


  • Cruise packages for groups and individual passengers can be ordered for almost all major cruise companies.
  • Multilingual Transfers from FITs and Groups on a private basis (Airport/Hotel/Port).
  • Multilingual off-shore excursions in North America and the Caribbean Islands.
  • We can assist in choosing accommodations. We have established relationships and have pre-qualified Hotels from Tourist class to First Class to ensure Client’s satisfaction.

Corporate Events

Corporate Events planning and Motivational Seminars:

  • New product launch
  • Communication of Corporate objectives/plans
  • Training seminars
  • Award Ceremonies

Indirect benefits:

  • Increased Creativity through adventure.
  • Increased Motivation.
  • Strengthened interaction and Team building through game playing.